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SOC Oct 1960, then became D-ecbe KJan 5, 1962. Crashed Oct 16, 2011 shortly after takeoff, killing instructor and pupil. Damaged Jun 3, 1976 when float hit a rock at Craig, Alaska. To Turkey 7156 to Luftwaffe as DA245, DF245. 2139 to masdc Mar 5, to masdc Mar 9, to masdc Nov 3, to masdc Nov 29, to masdc Jan 4, 1966. 8/23/00: D G Inc, Greybull. 4231 to masdc Oct 14, to masdc Jan 5, to masdc Oct 25, to masdc Oct 25, (307th BW) destroyed on ground by crashing F-80 along with 52-369 at Lincoln AFB, Nebraska Nov 17, 1956. Destroyed in accident Dec 16, to Portugal (FAP 5363) in 1960. Launched from DB-47E, 53-2345; missile became stable after launch caused by hydraulic accumulator leakage. SOC Mar 31, 1977. escort savigny kapellen 3469 (MSN 423) to masdc as TB101 Jan 7, 1975. To Turkey 7111 to Luftwaffe as DB251, DB382. 8114 (MSN 217) converted to AC-119G Shadow. To Turkish AF Jul 1955. To Southwest Alloys, Tucson, AZ Apr 10, converted to EC-121H. 7960 (MSN 782/1501) delivered Mar 23, 1955. 4637 (MSN 11101) to mdap for India as IK441 4638 (MSN 11102) to mdap for India as IK442 4639 (MSN 11224) to mdap for India as IK443 4640 (MSN 11225) to mdap for India as IK444 4641 (MSN 11226) to mdap for India as IK445. 1848 to masdc Jan 14, to masdc Aug 3, /1880 Lockheed-Marietta B-47E-60-LM Stratojet MSN 264/294. 1809 to masdc as FJ175 Mar 5, 1971. To masdc Dec 2, converted to EC-121H. 8220 (MSN 85) Delivered to Air Materiel Command November 13, 1956. To Sheppard AFB as ground trainer by 1978. 8129 (MSN 232) to Indian AF in (MSN 233) to UC-119G in 1962, redesignated GC-119G same year. Observed in scrap yeard Apr 1990 but listed as sold to manager of Flying J Ranch Airport, AZ Mar 13, 1990. W/o Apr 12, (7330th FTW) SOC at Furstenfeldbruck AB, West Germany in 1957 and transferred to West German. Pilot ejected safely 1175 (MSN 202-104) MAP to Royal Norwegian AF in 1957/58 as 31175. Mid-air collision with L near Mariaburg Jul 19, 1954. To French AF as 35794. 7754 (MSN 18-3354) to Italian Army as MM53-7754, registered Mar 21, 1955 as I-eihh. Both crews survived, but 53-3884 DBR. escort savigny kapellen

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